Monday, 4 April 2016

April Love - Day Four: Dear Morning

Dear Morning

We have not always had the best of relationships, you and I. I being a night owl, tend to experience you creeping up on me with the sharp reminder that the night is in fact over. Having spent many years dancing all night, your early light would sharply remind of the reality of day. Staying up talking all night seemed far more intimate than meeting in the morning.

I'm still a night owl and I still greet you pre-dawn but as your first light breaks, I welcome you. I realise now that the serenity that you bring is what probably scared me. I was so lost that your calming presence was a reminder of how out of control I felt and I far preferred to stay up dancing with my demons, raging through the night.

I now get to greet you before first light again but on my drive to work. As the light of day hits the studio, I am in awe of the beauty that you create and how you wake up the world so gently every morning. No matter what happens or how bad my day has been, I know that I can always look forward to seeing you again tomorrow and the comfort of your familiar presence is something I hold on to when I don't want my days to begin.

Thank you Morning for being there, come rain or shine and that you are the first one to wake up the world like the mother we all wish would. Thank you for your patience and for greeting me so beautifully in this incredible life. I'm so thankful that I have come to appreciate you for the beauty that you are.

Sunday, 3 April 2016

April Love - Day Three: Dear Feet

Dear Feet

You like so much of the rest of my body have been very much neglected for most of my life. I have this theory that people are either 'mind' or 'body' people in that they either live mainly in their heads (myself included) or they are very much present and aware of their bodies. I think the reason why I tend to not think too much about my body is because it has caused me more problems than I would like. That however is a different matter altogether and this letter is in fact intended for you dear feet so back to the topic at hand.

Thank you dear feet for always doing your job. Despite the fact that you are long compared to the rest of my body and incredibly narrow and have been 'problematic' that you have very rarely caused me pain. I remember as a child going to the shoe shop and being told when having my feet measured that, "You must have been last in the queue when they gave out feet." I remember the embarrassment and shame and wondering why my feet had to be flat. I wondered why I would never be allowed to do ballet or be able to run. Looking back now, I realise that was the first in a series of "CAN'TS". If only I had had the self esteem to not listen to insensitive comments made by adults. But I was just a child and he being the 'expert' made a strong negative impression. Imagine if that man had instead said to me, "Wow, those long feet were made for only the finest Italian shoes", would it have made a difference, I wonder?

We've walked a long road dear feet from the tip of Table Mountain in South Africa, to the green fields in Ireland, to the dusty back roads of Mexico and pebbled beaches of England. You've danced with me all night until the sun came up even when my legs couldn't go any more, we let the music move us. You've indulged me in my high heeled dreams when I bought ridiculously beautiful yet impractical grey shoes that of course I had to take off as soon as I could. I've occasionally adorned my toenails in sparkly nail polish and can't recall nearly enough foot rubs. I even once went to get my feet 'read' and was told those long toes represent an incredible amount of creativity.

Oh feet, I'm excited about the places we still will get to explore together and that one day I can adorn you in those fine Italian shoes. Thank you for always keeping me grounded and getting me where I need to go. I'm looking forward to the many journeys we have yet to walk, climb and dance together.

                                                My Feet: Image by Dr Benway

Saturday, 2 April 2016

April Love - Day One - Dear Love

Dear Love

There's a quote that comes to mind when I think of you by the late Maya Angelou - Love doesn't hurt.

I have experienced what I thought was indeed love yet I never felt good. I mistook the pain for something else. I internalised the hurt and thought if I just did more, gave more, tried harder, loved YOU more then somehow the pain would stop. Of course, that's not how you work. Love doesn't hurt. Love feels good but what did I know about good feelings? What was I supposed to do with them? When good things came my way, I would inevitably look over my shoulder to check for the bad, hiding somewhere - ready to pounce.

But then I managed to find you love, in the sweetest and smallest of moments. In the giggles of my niece, the wagging of my dog's tail, holding hands, teaching others to tell their story and seeing them see themselves almost for the first time, in an Autumn sunset and the waves of the beach - there you are, Love - giving and filling me up with no effort on your or my part.

Coming to the conclusion that I deserve you as much as I give you to others is so simple and yet to finally believe that changes everything.

I deserve the kind of love that I give. No explanation needed.

 Thank you Love for carrying me when I thought I had nothing left to give.

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

2015 April PAD Challenge - Day Fifteen - Halfway there!

Today's prompt for Writer's Digest 2015 April Poem A Day Challenge is: An Adjective Titled Poem.


I know
That these words
Will never be enough

I know
That our country
Which you Bravely
Sought as solace

When you fled from
Trouble Back Home
Has In the Darkness
Raised It's Ugly Greedy Head
And Destroyed
The Life You've Built

Your neighbours
Have listened to the lies
Fed to them from up high

But they do not know
That we are all Africans
Whether from the South or North

I know these words
Will never be enough
As your children cry
And you wonder where to go

But if they come at you
With petrol and knives

Fight your way out
Fight your way back
Back to the Rainbow nation
We all fought so hard for

And I will be there
With open arms

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

2015 April PAD Challenge - Day Fourteen

Today's prompt for the Writer's Digest April 2015 Poem A Day Challenge is: Write a poem about Honesty or Dishonesty. I chose Honesty.

The truth Hurts

I expect nothing less than honesty
But I've lied my way

Out of tricky situations

Used my gender
As an excuse
Not to stand out

Acted like I didn't know
What was going on

Kept my opinions to myself
So that you would accept me
(Not that that ever helped)

Stayed silent and small
So as to not rock the boat

Turned my anger inwards
And blamed you!

The truth hurts
But it was my choice all along.

Monday, 13 April 2015

April 2015 PAD Challenge - Day Thirteen - Confession

Today's prompt for the Writer's Digest Poem A Day challenge is: Write A Confession poem.


Not being born Catholic
I always liked the idea
Of being able to anonymously
Confess my sins

To sit in the darkness
And let all my secrets out

I love the intimacy of strangers
So I confess to you
On these virtual pages
Which hold my shadows and secrets

Will you forgive me world
For what I have done?

Sunday, 12 April 2015

2015 April PAD Challenge - Day Twelve - Damage

Today's prompt for the Writer's Digest April Poem A Day Challenge is: Write A Poem About Damage.

No Song To Sing

We think we’re young
But we are broken
Our minds are closed
Our mouths are open

So few words are truly spoken
Our eyes tell lies without emotion

We think we’re young
But we are broken
Our minds are closed
Our mouths are open

Keep reaching out
Not reaching in
We don’t have have
A song To sing