Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Baby It's Cold Outside! #Day3 #PromenadePoetry #CWCT2013

Yesterday's weather in Cape Town was miserable. I was sitting there trying not to freeze, thinking that trying to find someone to talk to and write for was going to be impossible. I had some unexpected company when a whole flock seagulls and pigeons came to investigate what I was doing. Not sure what they thought of my poetry... ;) 

The only people that were on the Promenade were the die hard athletes - the people that run/jog/walk no matter what the weather. None of them stopped to say hello as they went by but I noticed a few did manage to crack a smile. One lady even stopped to jog on the spot so she could read what I had written and then continued. I have great respect for people that show such commitment - seeing those people out there in the freezing cold, made me feel that I was doing the right thing and that I was in great company if only by association. 

Meet Salie, former resident of Diep River and now residing in Parow. Salie dreams of a drug and gangster free society. He says he lives for his children who make him happiest. He was married for 26 years and has been single for two which he says suits him fine. His greatest achievement was building a 6 wheeler limo which appeared in the newspaper and he hopes to build an even bigger limo in the future as he loves to work with his hands.  

Here's hoping for better weather the rest of the week! 

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