Friday, 20 September 2013

Rain Rain Go Away! #Day4 #PromenadePoetry #CWCT2013

It's supposedly Spring in Cape Town but the Mother City seems to have her own ideas... 
Due to the rain and hail, I was unfortunately unable to write any #PromenadePoetry yesterday and it's not looking too good today either. As frustrating as this is, that was the whole intention behind this experiment. I used chalk on the promenade so that it would be non-permanent and that the elements would naturally wash it away. Whomever happens to be there on the day that I write my poetry, gets to read it. Whomever happens to cross my path dictates what I write about. This was both terrifying and liberating. 

Meet Penny & Rocco - Day 4's poetry recipients.What stood out for me about this couple was their love for each other and their love for life. Penny and Rocco have been living in Cape Town for over 40 years. Rocco is originally from Italy and still has his strong, wonderful Italian accent -every word he uttered sounded like poetry. We spoke about politics, the universe, Carl Sagan, the point of poetry and one's life purpose in just under a few minutes but I would have happily continued speaking to them for hours. 

Thanks go to the press for featuring me over the past few days and for those of you that have been sharing my poetry around the world. Here's hoping the weather improves so I can finish what I started on the Promenade! 

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