Monday, 6 April 2015

2015 April PAD Challenge - Day Six

Today's prompt for the Writer's Digest 2015 Poem A Day Challenge is: A-things-not-as-they-appear poem.

Your life pops with a Hollywood Sheen
As you live the Instagram Dream
But what you don't see
Is how much careful planning it took
To create that nonchalant I-Don't-Care shot
How your 'natural' beauty cost you more than your self respect
Your best friend who smiles at you so sweetly
Will squeeze you tighter while spreading rumours

You dumb yourself down, giggle and grin
To play this Game of  Photographic Happiness
But without any names to drop
Or exotic locations to tag

All that you would be left with is

Your Self (ie) 

And finally
You would have something
Worth sharing

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