Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Writer's Digest 2015 April PAD Challenge - Day Eight

Today's prompt for the Poem A Day Challenge is: Write A Dare Poem.

Truth Or Dare?

I Dare You To Get Out Of Your Head.
To stop living in shame of ghosts from your past
I Dare You To Face Your Shadows
To Tell The World Exactly Who You Are
I Dare You To Stop Trying To Prove
How Happy you are to false friends and acquaintances
No amount of Likes will ever be enough
I Dare You To Be Present
Just With the Silence that envelops you
I Dare You To Spend Time Alone
Without A Phone Or A Friend To Distract You from You
I Dare You To Love
Love the world, love your enemies, love the monsters within
I Dare You To Not Shrink From Your Power
To Stand Tall when they try and cut you down
I Dare You To Stop Aiming For Perfect
To Stop Comparing Your Joy Away
I Dare You To Not Just Read These Words But Live Them.

The Truth?
We all want to be loved but we’re just so terrified.
Let go of your fear.

Go on, I Dare You!

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